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Sciatica is a relatively common condition that can cause an immense amount of pain. The condition can interfere with your day-to-day activities and can cause disability. A scientific report in the British Journal of Anaesthesia reports that up to 40% of the population will experience symptoms associated with sciatica at some point in their lives.

Sciatica does not have to be a life sentence or make your life more difficult, as there are solutions to help minimize and even alleviate your symptoms. Read on to learn how I was able to overcome sciatica symptoms and start living my life to the fullest again.

I was a victim to sciatica pain myself, and I experience a range of symptoms that really made my life much more difficult. At first, the symptoms were not too serious. I complained about pain in my lower back often, but that was about it.

Unfortunately, I failed to attend to this problem and just took it for a poor sleeping position or maybe because I was sitting in front of a desk at work all day long.

The symptoms started to get worse gradually.

  • The lower back pain started to radiate toward my legs, especially when I sat down for a while.
  • My hips started to become painful, and a burning sensation often radiated down my legs as well
  • The weakness and numbness that I experienced in my leg at times made it more difficult to move – sometimes nearly impossible.

“Standing up in the morning after I slept became something that I dreaded.”

These are only some of the symptoms that I experienced – and this is also when my life started to get difficult, and my abilities started to become diminished.

After a visit to my doctor, I was advised to undergo physical therapy sessions and to take anti-inflammatory medication. While these strategies had cost me quite a large amount of money, they did not ease my pain to the point where could start to enjoy life once again.

I eventually learned about a program called Sciatica SOS and decided to give it a try – and boy am I glad that I discovered this program. I was able to relieve my pain and experience an alleviation of the disabling complications that I experienced as a result of my sciatica pain.

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Let’s take a look at what sciatica pain is and how to identify this condition in yourself, consider conventional options, and take a look at what the Sciatica SOS program can do for you.



What Is Sciatica And How To Identify This Condition?

Sciatica pain is a condition that refers to pain that affects a specific nerve in the body, which is called the sciatic nerve. The nerve is located in the lower back area and extends down the backside of both legs. There are many problems that can make the nerve become painful – and when these problems develop, a number of complications can develop.

In many cases, patients with sciatica pain will experience pain symptoms in a single side of their body – with the lower back and one leg affected by the condition.

The pain will often start in the lower region of their back, but will start to extend toward the lower body and affect the back side of a single leg. The affected leg depends on the specific side of the patient’s body that is affected by the sciatica pain.

Pain is not the only symptom that a person may experience when they have a condition that affects the sciatic nerve. In addition to the pain symptoms, people who have problems with their sciatic nerve may also experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain symptoms that affect their hip, often only on the side of the body affected.
  • The pain in the affected leg may become worse when the individual affected by the condition is sitting down, which can make it more difficult to stand up.
  • When standing up from a seated position, a shooting pain may be experienced in the side of the body that has been affected.
  • The leg affected by sciatic pain may also develop numbness, which may affect the foot in addition to the leg. Moving may also be more difficult.


Conventional Treatment Options For Sciatica Pain

There are a few treatment options that a person can use when they have sciatica pain. Different types of over-the-counter pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs are available. Physicians can also provide a person with a prescription for a stronger drug if the pain is more severe.

The problem, however, is that many of these pain-relieving drugs tend to cause side-effects that might be unpleasant.

Physical therapy, among other types of therapies, may also be utilized to assist in relieving the pain associated with sciatica pain. Alternative therapy options are also available, such as chiropractic care, along with acupuncture.

Other options may include injections like corticosteroids, laminectomy, and spinal decompression therapy.


// Sciatica SOS  System

Conventional and pharmaceutical options provided to patients with sciatica pain often comes with side-effects like a higher risk of bleeding, among others. This can be problematic for many people, especially when the drugs cause side-effects like drowsiness.

The problems associated with drugs and some of the other conventional treatment methods is why I decided to search for alternative solutions that I could rely on to help me relieve my pain. The Sciatica SOS program introduced me to a simple, yet effective method for experiencing a great reduction in sciatica pain.

This program includes three different modules that you can take advantage of in order to help you better understand the pain symptoms you are experiencing and to help you overcome sciatica pain more effectively – without any risks or side-effects.

  1. The first module provides an in-depth overview of what sciatica is and why people are experiencing this problem.
  2. The manual then progresses to the second module, where you will learn about a natural remedy that you can rely on to help you overcome the pain – without having to rely on any type of drug that could cause you to experience unpleasant side-effects.
  3. The third module is called the Nepalese System, and have been designed as a biological anti-aging system that helps to reverse the damage that might have been done to nerves, joints, muscles, and other parts of the body. This program introduces you to an at-home series of remedies that are made from natural ingredients – all to help ease tension in your body and to alleviate common pain symptoms.

The program also comes with additional bonus materials, including:

  • BONUS #1 – Lessons from Miracle Doctors (ebook)
  • BONUS #2 – Sleeping Solace (ebook)
  • BONUS #3 – 10 Ways to Fight Off Cancer (ebook)
  • BONUS #4 – Stress Soothers (ebook)
  • BONUS #5 – How to Lose 10 Pounds Naturally (ebook)

Additionally, you also get free updates on the Sciatic SOS program as they are released by the author. You will be notified of any updates made to the program and will then be sent a link where you can download the updated version.

The program only costs $37, and there are no additional shipping fees, as the main program along with all the bonus ebooks, are delivered to you electronically via downloadable PDF documents.

Sciatica Sos: Testimonials

Nicole TerryI had been suffering from sciatica for over 20 years but because I can’t afford insurance I could not go to the doctor or chiropractor. I was particularly bad last month and my husband found about your book while searching for help online. After using the Sciatica SOS system for just a week I was able to walk without any pain and now it is gone completely. God bless you! – Jennifer Hall, Texas, USA

I had a very prolonged episode of sciatica and bought your book as a last resort as I had tried literally everything. I must say that 3 days after starting your treatment I am very impressed as the pain is gone from my leg and I can now only feel it in the right buttock. I will continue the treatment and hope to have it hone completely soon. I will be recomment your guide to my colleagues (nurses) who also suffer from chronic sciatica – Mariah Silva, Madrid, Spain


Sciatica pain can cause disabling complications that could make your life much harder, but with the right treatment approach, you can achieve an alleviation of the symptoms and reduce the disabling effects that the condition may have on you.

The Sciatica SOS program is extremely easy to follow and introduces you to a simple recipe that can help to relieve tension and help to reduce the symptoms that you experience due to sciatica pain.


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